Wireless Connectivity

The demand for ubiquitous Internet access has been driving telecom market today. Making faster and better business decisions requires access to data anywhere and in any situations. In responding to this, PT. java*Cell also participated in the WiFi Deployment Project as part of 3G Data offload program.

Telecom Solutions

For vendors who look for a strategic expansion or partner in delivering the services, PT. java*Cell provides expertise in network roll out. Starting from survey to pre-launch optimization and also any necessary requested network optimization.

Scope of Work
Infrastructure Implementation

Site searching, survey, acquisition, and construction of new site for expanding the coverage and extending the capacity of services.

In-Building Coverage Installation Design

Deliver the most optimum installation design; to get the most optimize coverage with the minimum number of antenna spot. 

Network Element Installation

Site survey, installation, commissioning, link integration of Base Station, Base Station Controller, Transcoder as well as short-hop and long-hop digital microwave system in both PDH and SDH system. 

Maintainance and Optimization

Alarm handling, trouble-shooting performance problem and network optimization to give the finest performance network, which meet the agreed KPI.



During our existence in Indonesia telecommunication market, java*Cell has contributed many rollouts and helping the Telecom carrier to introduce the cellular technology on many remote areas in Indonesia.



PT. java*Cell understand how challenging the telecom business in Indonesia. The evolution and penetration rate are impressively fast and high. Considering by this, PT. java*Cell has its vendor flexibility and experience in executing the project. All the personnel have multivendor background, and updated with the newest vendor BTS technology. One ‘vendor-certified’ engineer is regularly assessed by the vendor and received a regular update or exercises. Thence, this talent is propagated internally.



•Cisco Certified Network Associates for the OSS related individual (CCNA).

•Project Management Certification for the Project Management Related individual (PMP).

•Yellow Label Six Sigma for the organization management related individual.

•NSN Work Place Identification Number (WPID) for TI and NPO trainer.

•Huawei ID L0 for installation and L1 for engineering